I am super, super happy to present Toffee Handwritten Font , a font that looks quite similar to my handwriting. Toffee comes in 2 versions, textured and smooth and it can be used in all design projects where you want to add a touch of natural handwriting.

Toffee Handwritten Font comes with all Western, Central and Southern European Languages and it includes a lot of ligatures to make you text look very natural.

Inside the package you will also find a lot of extras, like swashes, doodles and frames and also the 4 Logos you see in the presentation.

You will get:

  • Toffee-Font Textured (Regular)
  • Toffee-Font Smooth
  • Toffee-Font Extras-Textured (Regular)
  • Toffee-Font Extras-Smooth (Regular)
  • 4 Logos
  • Character Map from where you can copy all the ligatures.

If you need help or have questions don’t hesitate and drop me a message, I will be glad to help you! Happy design,