About the Product

Logo Design Kit – The easiest and flexible way to create stunning and unique logos in minutes!

Update April 5, 2016

This update brings you more than 140 original elements to create more diversity to choose from:

  • 24 brand new Ready to Use Logos
  • 24 new Brushes
  • 74 additional Ready to Use Logo Bases
  • 20 new Text combinations

Update March 14, 2016:

This update brings you more than 300 elements to make logo creation even easier.

  • 96 additional Shapes as fill option to your Stroke;
  • 200 brand new Pre-made Logo Bases;
  • 8 Textures in vector format;

With this Logo Design Kit you can amaze your clients with original feminine logos. At a very low price you get 120 pre-made Shapes, 60 Brushes, 40 Text combinations, which you can mix as you like to create infinite logo variations! When you are time constraint choose from an amazing set of 75 Ready to Use Logos included! Usually you can purchase these logos at a price between $5 and $15 per piece, however using this Logo Design Kit you can save your time and money and impress your clients.

Download and test a FREE SAMPLE of the Logo Design Kit


  • Vector – All Logos, Shapes, Brushes and Texts are vectors, so you can resize them as you want and maintain the same excellent quality.
  • Editable Stroke – Almost all Shapes (except the round textured shapes and splashes) are stroke based to give you the possibility to apply the Brushes on them.
  • Brush Based – You can easily apply Brushes on the Shapes and create unique logos. The steps to do this are explained in a user guide inside the main download file.
  • Free Download Fonts – All fonts used in this pack are free for download. Links are included in the user guide.
  • Font Pairing – All texts are paired so you don’t have to worry about the fonts combinations and sizes.
  • Font Arrangements – You don’t need to search how to type on a shape, it’s already done. You just need to change the words with your own.
  • Organized Files and Folders – All the files are named accordingly and all the folders are well organized, so that you will find everything very quickly.
  • Extended License Included – Using the Logo Design Kit you can create and sell logos on other sites or to your clients, however you cannot sell this pack as it is.


  • 75 Ready to Use Logos – Just change the existing text to adjust it to your needs.
  • 120 Shapes With Stroke Applied – Use these Shapes to create a base for your logos.
  • 60 Brushes – Every Brush is hand-created on paper and then transferred into Illustrator. You can apply these on Shapes with rounded corners or to straight lines.
  • 40 Text Combinations – All Texts are paired and arranged so you can be sure about the fonts combinations, sizes and typing on paths.
  • User Guide file with links and tutorials

This Kit can only be used in Adobe Illustrator!!!

If you need help or have questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help you!

Download and test a FREE SAMPLE of the Logo Design Kit

This product is compatible with Logo Floral Kit