GraphicDelivery is all about helping designers and creative persons throughout their design process. We’ve also been in the situation of needing free good quality graphic resources and we know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. Our way of giving back is by making available this collection of resources, to help you with your project, save you some time or just give you an idea. Sometimes, that’s all it takes!

The THEN and the NOW

We began our journey in the design world around 10 years back. Our Chief Pixel Officer is Vlad Cristea, a designer born and raised in the heart of Transylvania, who is passionate about graphic design and the technology that underlies it.  He started off by creating design for games and various apps for the companies he was working for.

Starting with May 2015, he decided to embark on his own journey, focusing on designing handwritten fonts, logos, icons, and small graphics which can be purchased online.

In 2016, GraphicDelivery.com was created, as the natural next step! We are happy to tell you that all the resources created by us, available for download on the website, are free for both personal and commercial use. We are adding new products regularly, so make sure you check them out!


We know that most of the graphics offered now are created by us, but our vision is for the website to become a free collection gathered from designers all over the world and for it to be a go-to place for all kinds of resources.

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